CETB funding

When applying for funding from CETB, it is important to demonstrate how your proposal will benefit your community. Your application will be more effective if you can outline who will be using your facility, how many members of the community will frequent it, and if you can demonstrate a real need for it in the local area. Letters of support are helpful and the more information you can provide about your proposed project the better.

To be eligible for funding from CETB, your organisation must comply with the following guidelines:

  • Non-profit distributing. You don’t need to be a charity, but any surplus you make must be used to further your organisation’s objects. Surplus must not be used to pay dividends or other rewards.
  • Available to the general public: Your facility must be available to the general public as much as possible, and no less than four evenings or two days a week, or for more than 104 days in any one year.
  • Located within 10 miles of a Cory Environmental operated landfill site in Kingswinford, Gwynedd, South Gloucestershire, Wrexham, Haydock or Sevenoaks or within the London Borough of Bexley.

In line with the Landfill Tax Regulations, CETB is able to support projects under the following categories, so please make sure that your project complies with one of the following objects:

  • A - Opening up access for the public to an area of land that has been closed or partially closed up to now.
  • B - Cleaning up land that has been polluted because of now ceased activity.
  • D - Helping to improve, protect, provide and/or maintain land or a building as a public amenity.
  • DA - Protecting the environment, and conserving or promoting biological diversity.
  • E - Helping to preserve, maintain, restore and/or repair a religious building or one of historical or architectural interest.

CETB has produced a funding criteria document which provides an overview of key details to be considered when completing an application for a grant from the Trust.

If you have a project that is eligible for funding please see the ‘Apply for funding’ section of this website for the Application Form and details on the application process.

We are committed to supporting community and environmental projects across the UK.

These include improving community halls, creating new play areas and skate parks, and restoring green spaces.