Cory Environmental Limited

Cory Environmental is one of the UK's leading recycling, waste management and energy recovery companies. Cory is a strong supporter of the Landfill Communities Fund and the wealth of successful community projects it has supported since its introduction in 1996. Cory Environmental supports a number of Environmental Trusts and projects, including CETB.

CETB receives an income of landfill tax credits from Cory Environmental Limited of approximately £700k per annum currently. It endeavours to allocate funds to high-quality projects at its three meetings, with a view to making as many grants as possible. Thanks to Cory’s support, CETB has to date been able to distribute more than £10 million in grants to community and environmental projects.

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We are committed to supporting community and environmental projects across the UK.

These include improving community halls, creating new play areas and skate parks, and restoring green spaces.