Cory Environmental Trust in Britain

Cory Environmental Trust in Britain (CETB) is an environmental body which supports community and environmental projects. CETB awards grants under the terms of the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF), providing funding to a broad range of projects that have as big an impact on the community as possible.

Areas covered by the Trust include: Dudley, Gwynedd, Wrexham, South Glos/Bristol, Sevenoaks, St Helens, Southend-on-Sea, LB Bexley and Swansea.

If you have a project that would benefit from funding click 'Apply for funding' for details of the application process.



Latest news

CETB contributes £35,000 to improve Barden Lake in Tonbridge

Barden Lake at Haysden Country Park in Tonbridge is set to receive major improvements thanks, in part, to a £35,000 grant by Cory Environmental Trust in Britain (CETB).

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We are committed to supporting community and environmental projects across the UK.

These include improving community halls, creating new play areas and skate parks, and restoring green spaces.

Deadlines for applications

The deadlines for applications in 2016/2017 are:

1 April 16 for a meeting on 28 April 16

29 July 16 for a meeting on 20 Sep 16

9 Dec 16 for a meeting in Jan 17 (tbc)

And every four months thereafter.